Hello everyone !!! My name is Madeleine Boiardt. I am very excited about the whole blog world and hopefully we can together have nice moments to laugh,enjoy and share.

I'm 34 years old and i am a blogger / writer. I live in Sweden but have been living abroad since i was a little girl. I've been living in Mexico, Argentina, Miami, Africa and can speak Swedish, English, Spanish, a little French, learning Hungarian.

Enjoys life, i love my life, whats been given and what i have. I am a Swedish Terapeut, i work with natural cosmetics, based from nature and the beautiful environment. Thats good and healthy for us, for our skin and body. Not only to be living a happy life, but one needs to take care of ones body inside - out. Beauty comes from the inside but will reveal on the outside. Showing how equally and beautiful we all are in our own way.

I also enjoy music and dance !!!! To me life is to be lived based on our dreams, hopes, and whatever we feel is right. The things that makes us happy are the things WE SHOULD BE doing. Never let someone stop you from living your dream, it's you whom takes control of your goals. Life is our guide, that will teach us how rough and hard reality can be. But also giving us purposes and meanings with reasonable reasons.

Live life, as life has given us a living !!!



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Armand Krajnc

Not only did I get to exchange words with this man but I truly feel honored to have actually met him yesterday. He has been and still is a role model to me. 

What a journey he has accomplished throughout the years as a boxer, individual. A person whom constantly inspires and never gives up.  

Live your dream, always keep fighting for what you believe in and love doing. His achievements are beyond amazing, impressive and encouraging. 

I always admire when getting to learn something new from someone.

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Relaxing music

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Eurovision Song Contest

In my opinion from yesterdays ESC Sweden should have won, but one can't win it all. I was disappointed by how the results turned out to be and the man representing Sweden did a great job and an outstanding performance. 

Each time I hear him sing I get shivers, and happy tears come from my eyes. I truly get emotional and touched by this message from John Lundvik to me he was already a winner from the start. Also the acts between the votes were amazing. 

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